Designer Mobile Brief

Designers often get very little information when they are asked to deliver a couple of mockups for a customer. They usually get a sentence like: “We got an opportunity with customer x, can you take a look at their website and make some screens for device y?”.

It is of course common sense that the better we define what we think is what our customer is looking for, the more chance we have that our customer loves our ideas, and that those suit the goals the customer is going after.

Below you will find a template you may use to help your designer have a better understanding of what is what you want to achieve.

One of the parts you may or may not include in the designer brief are the wireframes of the screens you need him or her to make. When you need to deliver an app that is very creative in its concept and style, you may want to define concepts or actions that need to be taken in a specific screen in a much rougher level, than you would do when defining the wireframes. This approach needs some iterations between you and your designer (which means time) to fine-tune the details, but the results of this approach can be spectacular.

Designer Brief

Screens to be delivered: (1 or 2 screens)

Deadline: Date

Costs/Time to spend:

Mobile Platforms/mobile web:


Design assets that can be used/have to be used:

Concepts to consider: (apps they liked, apps the did not like, marketing materials used in other channels like web, etc )

Words to consider: calm, sunset, nature, disco

Sites, apps, or pictures that reflect the style we want to take into account in the design:



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