Benefits from working from home

Partly because of environmental concerns, some corporations encourage employees to work from home. This leads to:

  • reductions in travel time
  • travel costs
  • energy use
  • higher employee satisfaction
  • optimization of office space, if flex desks are created (flex desks are desk environments created so that any employee can work there with a minimum set up time, that means that you create an environments where none has his/her own desk. Tables and chairs should be easily adjustable, power supply should be easy to reach, telefones should allow log in etc…)
  • lower health insurance costs (this is due to the decrease of “illness” % )
  • lower costs for workers
  • lower child care expenses

Studies say that productivity rises by 10% to 20% when people telecommute up to 3 days a week.

Some Cases:

  • From IBM 320,000 employees, 25% telecommute, which leads to an anual savings of 700$ million in real estate costs alone.
  • AT&T estimates that it saves 550$ million annually as a result of telecommuting.
  • MCKesson reported the highest job satisfaction in 2007, 1000 nurses worked from home. (telenursing)

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