Will you make you brand Shazamable?

Several american brand are already making their campaign shazamable

Shazam, the No. 4 most-downloaded free mobile app ever, according to Apple, recently added TV tagging to its music-identifying service, which became popular for telling smartphone users what song was playing in their vicinity with a click of a button. But Shazam for TV can also identify tv shows or commercials to bring up any manner of content. In June, Shazam announced $32 million in additional venture funding, largely to expand its TV product.

The following companies are integrating Shazam for TV into their campaigns:

  • Both Honda and Starbucks integrated Shazam to unlock clues in scavenger hunt campaigns
    • The new Honda Civic campaign, using the Shazam smartphone app, players will “shazam” each of Cesar’s videos on his Honda YouTube channel playlist to find the next clue. (Alternate non-smartphone dependent clues are also available.)
    • Participants in the Starbucks SRCH scavenger hunt used Shazam in the first phase of the hunt to tag the Lady Gaga video for instructions on how to move on to the next phase
    • Paramount Pictures – in support of the Transformers 3 premiere on June 29, fans can Shazam TV and radio ads for a free download of an exclusive live version of the Linkin Parksingle, “When They Come For Me”watch a feature, buy show tickets or purchase the soundtrack
    • Procter and Gamble – as part of their Future Friendly initiative, viewers can Shazam their ads to see more on the environmental benefits of P&G Future Friendly products
    • Progressive Insurance – ads to receive an auto insurance quote and download their “Flo-isms” app and custom wallpaper for your mobile device

Early results from other campaigns show a response rate that exceeds that of traditional internet campaigns:

  • Shazamable ads drive more traffic!  In one ad campaign, Shazam drove 20% more traffic to the mobile microsite than the brand’s website received from all sources
  • 0.3% of them Shazam’d the commercial, three times the average online click-through of 0.1%
  • 27% of the people who Shazam’d the ad either shopped, downloaded the song featured in the ad or viewed additional content

Source: http://www.shazam.com/music/web/pressrelease.html?nid=NEWS20110616131053

We know that consumers use their phones and tablets while watching TV. Around  68% of all smartphone users said they use their smartphone while watching TV, according to a first-quarter Nielsen survey of more than 12,000 consumers that own a tablet, eReader, smartphones or other mobile device. The group said 20% of all time spent on smartphones was while watching TV — that’s the largest percentage of time for any activity addressed in the survey.

Many other companies and brands are busy with sound recognition, but it is true that shazam has already the channel and the name so why not exploit it?

Live in 200 countries and with over 125 million users, Shazam has become the de-facto standard for mobile social discovery. So let´s hope they make some nice APIs for app developers so that the integration can be bidirectional.


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