How many iPhones do we have in Spain?

How many iPhone are in Spain?

¿Cuantos iPhones hay en España?

This is one of the most asked questions when you are talking to Brand Managers or Agencies here in Spain. Unfortunately there aren’t any easy mechanisms to give an easy and straight forward answer, yet. And even if the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) is working hard on trying to get more transparency into those numbers, getting clarity implies that operators and manufactures need to work together to create them.  And getting them coordinated is kind of challenging

Whether the difficulty of sharing has to do with political issues, or with IT complexity and the different ways to measure the number of mobile active devices, the result is that many professionals struggle to calculate the potential ROI of their future mobile marketing investments because they don´t have the numbers to build a clear case.

Today in this blog post I will try to provide some numbers that I hope will be helpful for some people. One source of information that gives us a good overview on how many phones and smartphones there are in Spain is the CMTComisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicacion. If you check the last report from August you will see that the number of mobile activated numbers in Spain are 55.720.654. Yes, that is correct we have more phones than people, this has actually been the case since 2006. The current population in Spain according to INE is  now 46,030,109 (Source). Many people have several phones: work, private etc. As you can see in the graph below these numbers exclude prepayment lines, postpayment, datacards and machine to machine lines.

This leads us to assumption 1: the number of Mobile lines in Spain is 55.720.654.

According to Nielsen almost 4 out of 10 Spaniards have a smartphone. See the graph below.

This leads us to assumption 2:  39.2 percent of mobile consumers in Spain now have smartphones.

If A1 and A2 are true then we have 21,842,496 smartphones in Spain.

If we further use Nielsen’s percentages then we will get a total of 1,965,825 iPhones in Spain.

But we should not forget that next to iPhones we also have iPod Touch, which is essentially an iPhone without the calling functionality.

My suggestion would be that if you are going to build an app for your Spanish consumers, you can count on a total potential population of  around 2,8 million iOS small devices in Spain.

In this little analysis I did not include the amount of iPads.

I thank Ricardo Vargas as well for his time and thoughts spend on this matter. 


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