Mobile video it’s rising yes, but where?

The whole world is saying that use of video is rising, and that is definitively true. If you are a mobile marketer you should wonder who to target with branded videos or video adds. Below you will see that the countries that have the highest video usage on mobile are Philippines, Indonesia, China and India (Singapore as well, but I don’t think I will be very wrong is I say that the Chinese population there is rising the stats).

It is a curious fact that all or them are emerging economies, it we take a guess we may say that many of those users dont´find in their real world a private space for individual entertainment and therefore the smartphone is a low entrance device that serves those needs.

Germans are the last ones to use video on the mobile. Germans are usually very organized so I am sure they have a wunderlist with video links to watch at home on a bigger screen, wether this is their private desktop or the family TV.


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