Case study: why design matters!

1-800-FLOWERS.COM changed the design from their mobile website, and the results of this change were:

  • Increase in conversion rate and 25% increase in average time spent on site, despite a decrease in the steps to complete a purchase
  • A 53% reduction in cart abandonment
  • Increase in the average order value on mobile

For the first quarter of fiscal 2011 ended Sept. 26, m-commerce sales topped $1 million, a 9,900% increase over Q1 2010 sales. Mobile commerce sales, the retailer says, now account for 1% of the company’s total sales. reported total sales of $104.5 million in fiscal Q1 2011.

So yes!, design is very important when it comes to understand and change the mobile usage of our site. In order to increase traffic and effectiveness you may want to review your own apps and mobile web and analyze the mobile needs of your target segment and how well are those served.

What are the changes that 1-800-FLOWERS.COM implemented? How was the UX improved?

By improving the steps towards purchase (less steps)
By including features such as :

  • real time delivery calendar to be able to choose better deals based on shipping prices (location)
  • “Find gift” fast
  • Search gifts locally based on the recipient’s zip code

Video 1-800

Read more about it :Case study 


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