How Children use tablets

The first app that I bought on my Eee Pad | Transformer was an app for my niece. The app is called Kids Socks, it is a great app for kids to play and learn, check it out here if you are curious Kids Socks.

My personal example is a reflection of a general behaviour, which is: Yes we are using and downloading many apps for kids in our tablets, and why are we doing this? because:

  • it is fun and the kids love it
  • it is convenient. I can take my tablet everywhere and take it out when needed, wether this is in the living room while trying to have a conversation with my mon, or in the car when she starts crying because she wants to get out
  • it combines entertainment with educational elements that TV has not yet there. The fact that she needs to interact with it to get response, makes me feel a better aunt than when I am watching TV with her

Below I share with you some stats on How children use tablets, as you can see in it there is a very small % that use it to communicate with friends and family ;). My guess is that it wont be long before my 3 year old niece grabs grandma’s ipad and calls me via skype to show me her new carnaval dress.


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