One of the startups that I am a fan of is Fab.com.

I discovered it the last year in the summer and since then I follow their movements.

Their core beliefs are:

Why I like them as a company

  • They have a mission
  • They are passionate about it and you can feel it
  • Their mission is related to making people more happy by using design
  • They are consistent in they way they approach users across the different channels
  • They sell design and care about design
  • They invest on mobile from almost the beginning, (they use to even have a mobile friendly home screen, which i don’t see anymore… so let’s point that out as an improvement point)
  • They inform and interact with their users allowing them to give feedback using various channels.
  • They allow suppliers to find them and interact with them too
  • Their design is simple, easy to use and they definitively invest on UX

Why I like the product

  • I just love design as well!

The invite only method totally worked for me and my friends. Pity we still can’t buy from here (spain). I do receive the daily newsletter that I use not only to follow the steps of the company but as well to let me inspire.

A part of their newsletter

Their app

So congrats to the Fab.com team you are doing a great job!

This is the invite link for those that want to use it: http://fab.com/e2oerh


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