Governments and QR codes

Governments and QR codes

It is interesting to see how some mobile technologies can help a city major to engage citizens, business and tourists in a more relevant, easy and context based way.

QR codes are one of those examples. Those are cheap and easy to implement.

A city major could print QR codes in all those areas that are now under construction, or in those areas that are being promoted by the city hall etc… Any users can scan the code and get the appropriate information, whether this is information of what kind of construction is going to be done there, and what are the official permissions, or some interesting facts about the place plus the names of the sponsors that helped to build it.

What are the benefits?

  • Empowerment of users
  • Instead of overloading users with expensive community newsletters and other printed materials that are usually discarded, users get the information they want upon request.
  • Content can be linked to polls or comments so users can interact with the city major in a more relevant way.

So… what are you waiting for?

Some visual examples for your inspiration:


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