Native vs HTML5

When do you I for Native

  • I need to support only 1 or 2 platforms
  • I need an app that requires complex graphical implementations
  • I need features that are not supported by html5
  • Discoverability is key for me
  • Performance is key for me
  • I need to monetize the app as a whole and not features within it

When do I go for HTML5

  • I need to support multiple platforms
  • I don’t need very complex graphical features
  • The needs I support are more important for the users so they will be ok with a bit less performance
  • My users know how to find me and I am willing to invest on promoting my site
  • I don’t want to give money to apple or android for the digital transactions that take place in my site
  • I have skilled resources to go for html5


Great overview of HTML5


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