Thinking in Dimensions

Thinking in Dimensions

In 2002 I was working for IBM at Shell, we developed for them a B2B ecommerce platform based on websphere. The system was build for distributors to buy fuels and bitumen based on the stock price of that “second” (real time pricing), for us a great project to work on! But that is a different story, what I wanted to share was that one of the things that I learned by working at their headquarters in den Haag was about scenario thinking.

Nowadays we live in turbulent times where globalization has an impact on how unpredictable things are and where strategic decisions are sometimes difficult to take, but where the speed to react to new things is crucial for succes. Scenario thinking is a tool to help us out when things change.

How to do scenario thinking ?

  1. Gather a multidisciplinary team
  2. Make extreme hypothesis for a few dimensions
  3. Go through the exercise to define what the company should do if those came true
  4. Define the frequency of those exercises (every 6 months, every year)

Below you will find an overview of dimensions you can use as inspiration and start point!



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