Apple’s ranking

It is always a question that most of brands ask,

How do I get my app in the top 3 of the app store ranking?

What I would like instead is that brand managers ask:

What can we do to increase the popularity of our app?

The philosophy behind the question is totally different. One assumes that the ranking can be artificially manipulated no matter the quality – need of your app, and the other assumes you care about the value added you are offering and know that the rest will follow.

The answer to the first questions would be: by making the right app, at the right time to the right target.

Of course most of them won’t like the answer, so let’s see what are the variables that are taken into account in the Apple’s algorithm so you app has a higher chance to be there at the top 😉

  • Curve of downloads of the last days
  • Curve of revenue
  • Active usage (daily/monthly)
  • Localization (local description)

To be featured

  • Number of downloads
  • Revenue
  • Number of apps submitted by the same developer account and success of those

All of these are per country.

One nice change that has recently been done is that Apple allows now users to browse all the way to 300 apps instead of 50 apps. This will hopefully give some apps ranked further down a boost!

Check in this link some very usefull tools to use: App ranking tools

See below an example of what you could be tracking (Mango)



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