George Harrison “the quiet Beatle”

The digital world and the role that apps are playing


For many of us, mobile apps are part of our daily lives; as a technology lover I am very happy they are here as many of them deliver small bits and bytes of happiness along the day to me.

Brands should ask themselves more and more how to use mobile marketing to sell more (nowadays is should be a conscious decision not to think about mobile marketing). One of the trends we see is creating mobile products and sell them while promoting as well the “rest” of the catalogue. For digital products this is relatively easy, as companies need to find nice and attractive ways to capitalize further on their content through app experiences. For service oriented companies, you can develop paid apps that serve customer needs even better while promoting the company’s catalogue as well.

One of the latest examples that made me smile are George Harrison‘s product offerings.George Harrison was the lead guitarist of the Beatles, also known as the “the quiet Beatle”. As a tribute to him and his work a book, movie, new album and app have been released.

Interesting of this matter is the way we try to please and feed the brains of some of his followers through different types of digital products:

– An interactive book; a book for all your senses, with photography, music, video, handwritten scanned letters, sketches and memorabilia. This book can be viewed only with an iPad

– Hardcover book; the same version without the “interactive part” can be found as well as a hard cover book for all those that enjoy a moment with a book in their hands.

– Audio CD; if you are one of those that like to listen while in the car or while just looking though you window, the audio CD will have a version reproducing a big part of those materials.

– DVD; for those that love to hang on the couch and be feed by the bigger screen with all types of emotions you can watch the movie

– Blue-Ray; same version is available as well in this Blue Ray format.

 iTunes movie; a digital-only version is also available for those that don’t want to buy physical goods that take space and dust at home.

– Music Album iTunes version; for those with iOS systems that wish to enjoy music on their devices.

– Vinyl version; for the nostalgic ones.

– MP3 Download; for those with no iTunes account but looking for a digital version.

– CD hard case version; for a second type of nostalgic people.

– iPad app The Guitar Collection; for those that like the touch and exploration experience. This app includes 360º images of his guitars with detailed stories and descriptions, as well as music, images, exclusive videos, digital postcards.

– A web and e-store; for those that want more!


Brands are adapting to the existing channels so they reach people in the way people want to be reached.


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