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Drawsomething had 50M downloads in 50 days!

The 21th os March 2012 there was a record in its usage with  3.000 drawings being sent per second. That was the day it was announced that Zynga had bought the game for 180 million dollars plus another 30 million dollars in employee retention payouts.

The four year old OMGPOP had only 20 million registered users spread across 84 different countries for its entire roster of games.

One of the details that I wanted to highlight in this post is their rate me message.

After using it for a while you will get an alert motivating you to rate the app, drawsomething chose not to use the boring alert many other apps do, but they decided to make an alert that would make you smile.

1. Title: star power (that is already cheerful intro)

2. Help me Draw Something even more drawsome (playing with words in a fun way as the game itself)

3. Request to Rate us 5 stars!

4. They inform you that Rating takes less than a minute

5. They reinforce the message rate 5 stars (and of course they give you the option to  remind me later)

Game info


So far these are the results!


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