Guide the user

Guiding the users through your app or site is the 2.0 version of what used to be the “F.A.Q” or “Help section”. Giving relevant tips or information in the right context is key to help your users have the best experience possible. Below I have highlighted some tips that you can take into account when creating an app.

Tip 1. Motivate users to register for the first time by showing the benefits of your app

A step wise approach, telling them the amount of steps (see dots) and ending with a video is one of the approaches you can take if you don’t offer a lite version of your app.

Tip 2. When users start using the app for the first time, build contextual menu’s so they know where to look.

Users should be able active and deactivate this. Many times these help menu’s only appear the first time and after that the users can’t find how to turn those on again if he/she feels they need a refresh.

Tip 3. One picture says more than a thousand words. Use simple buttons ON/OFF and have a picture supporting what it means when you have it ON.

Tip 4. Inform users why you do things. For example, we want to use your location to notify when users are nearby. Try to stay away from standard messages as those scare more than help.

Tip 4. Inform users as well on the functionality that you don’t have there yet, that will avoid frustration. See below how Chalk informed it’s users that their app only works on iPad.

Tip 5. Make it fun!


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