Tips to create a great mobile experience

Tips to create a great mobile design experience

Most of mobile sites are not yet optimized for mobile web, responsive design is one of your strategies to offer your mobile customer access to your site, services and/or products. But in order to give them a better service you should synthetize the information and display it in a “mobile friendly way”. Below you will find some tips to do so.

  • Relevant content for mobile: Decide what use cases make sense for a mobile user and adapt the content of your website to those only, don´t try to fit you whole website into a smartphone screen.
  • Redirect: when your customer tries to find you through their mobile device you should make sure you site redirects to a mobile friendly page and that you allow your customer to also visit the full site if they wish so. If you have not yet a mobile site I suggest you have a funny mobile site apologizing for it and asking the user if they wish to access the full site. That will allow your user not to spend all his/her data plan trying to discover if you have a mobile site.

  • Hand/thumb friendly: When deciding the use cases you want to support you should question yourself what is the context in which your customer will use the app. Depending on the type of app you may want to create an interface that can be used with one hand and by just using the thumb.

  • Visibility: a small screen is hard to read in order to make sure your customers can read what you want them to read
      1. Use contrast
      2. Make sure you use font and a font size are aligned with the contextual situations that you expect your users to use your app.
      3. Use different colours and font sizes to give different priorities to functionalities or information

  • Focus on conversions: make the buying process as easy as you can, reduce the amount of buying steps needed to be able to buy. Use easy forms with the minimum fields. Make it easy for the user to call you, mail you, tweet you or share your information in social media.

  • Think local: smartphones are smart and know where you are. Make sure you allow the users to filter the information by location.
        1. Where is the nearest shop?
        2. In which nearby shops is this shoe available?
        3. What are coupons relevant to the shops around me?
        4. Test on physical devices: testing is crucial to make sure all your customers are able to access you site.


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