Difference between iPhone and Android

¿Cual es la diferencia entre iPhone y Android? y other words what is the difference between iPhone and Android?

First of all iPhone is the name of a smartphone that has been created by Apple Inc. There are several generations of iPhones, being the latest the 4S. The name iOS is the name we use to refer to the operating system that this smartphone uses, being the latest 6.0.

If we take the name “Android” strictly we are referring to an operating system created by Open Handset Alliance which is lead by Google. This operating system is used by many manufacturers, this means that there are many handsets from different brands that use this operating system in their phones. While the underlying philosophy and navigation remains the same, all versions have small differences. One of the main complains that Android has is that manufacturers are too slow to update their devices which the latest operating system, leaving their users sad and hopeless ;-).

The fact that Android is used by several manufactures gives us the possibility to be able to chose a devices that is more appealing to us, whether this is on a look and feel level or on a “performance” level. In other works some Android devices are “cheap” and are as well “less capable in terms of hardware” and some devices are “more expensive” and have a “better hardware” as well. if you want to play a high end game on a “cheap device” it may don’t play at all or even crash easily than on a high end device.

Both systems refer to smartphones and both of them have apps and lots of features to offer you. Choosing between them will depend on several things. What you need to take into account is:

  • Do you have Mac computers at home or an iPad? if so you may prefer to buy an iPhone, as then everything will be beautifully synchronized.
  • Do you find the iPhone very pricy? Then you may want to look at the lower end Android devices, as there are some good deals to catch.
  • Are you not a technology person and do you get easily “lost in translation” when doing things on your computer? then you may want to buy an iPhone as those are slightly user friendly to use, and Android has a more “nerd” user experience than iPhone has.
  • Do you like to customize your mobile desktop and are a fan or gmail and Google services? The you better check some of the Android devices, as Google software just works better on them.

In my next post I will talk a bit more about the differences between them.


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