What do you may miss when changing you Android for an iPhone?

I have several phones I use:

  • My private one, this one used to be an Android (P970 Optimus Black) and is now an iPhone
  • My work one, an Android a Samsung Galaxy S
  • My dutch phone (just a normal Nokia 😉 )
And I have a tablet: My Android tablet, an ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

As you can I see I had too much Android devices in my life so I decided to exchange my private phone for an iPhone. It took me 30 minutes on a random Friday evening to buy one on eBay, still extremely happy with the deal I made.

The first weeks of using my iPhone I noticed the next differences:

– General: Hmmm, In general my Google apps where not as great as in my Android.

– Money: Whoops I started spending more money on apps than I have ever done during a whole year on my Android…. For one reason or another the whole system made it easier and more appealing to buy on the iPhone than it was on the Android.

– Mail: If you love Gmail then it takes a while before you get accustomed to the new look and feel in iPhone. one thing that I liked was that on iPhone you got all this red circles telling you how many mails you need to read, quite handy actually.

-Wireless synchronization, with Android devices I find the sync much better that on iPhone. If you use, Google+, Gmail, Youtube, Picasa, everything just syncs perfectly. With my iPhone I now have to sync more often by using the cable, or open my Google + app so my pics sync into Picasa. I guess that If I would use my Mac address book  and my other Mac software much more the experience of having an iPhone would have been better.

– Maps: Google maps works just better on Android and it is easier to use, specially if you also use Google Latitude.

– Look & feel: (yep) iPhone has more nice and cool apps that Android they look more sexy!

– Desktop: would love to be able to change my desktop and use widgets the same way as I could on Android, I am definitively missing that feature. In iPhone everything has the same size and it has been hard in the beginning to recognize the apps I was looking for. I use much more the app search field in iPhone than I did in Android (and by the way it is much faster on iPhone than on Android)

-Pictures: the pictures I take with my iPhone look amazing! I don’t miss at all my android on that, it took me for ever to open the camera app and the pics where not that great. With iPhone it is just easier, and therefore I take more pics that I have ever done before.

-WhatsApp: it was working better on my Android… now with my iPhone many messages arrive late or I have to manually open the application, that irritates me a bit.

– Battery: Oh my God! my live changed, Android phones when they are new work good but after a year the battery really deteriorates (at least that is my experience with my own phones as well as with our testing devices), and iPhone just lasts longer 🙂

– OS: (Wow…) I was waiting more more than 1,5 years to get an Android update on my Optimus Black ….. and with iPhone it is just super easy to update! My Android tablet is doing great as well on OS upgrades, so no complains there. If I now would buy another Android device it would be probably one out of Google’s Nexus line so I can get the updates on time.

– Apps: the apps on iOS are great! There are lots of them! Anything you can think of. In Android there are less apps and less nice designed apps.


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