The Lovebox

In a local newspaper I saw and article of a “thing” called the Lovebox. The “thing ;)” allouws you to make a video in one shot from 2 sides! Great invention! probably not very useful but definitively very cool and fun. it consists of a wooden base and a mirroring system that when mounted with your mobile phone, simultaneously records the front and the back views in one single shot.

by the way the invention is made in Spain and the company that created it is called “Honest&Smile”.

Watch here the video to see more:



When do we learn to be social?

Interesting video about the fascinating minds of babies and children.
One of the curious facts she mentions is that studies demonstrates that approximately a 18 month baby would give you what he/she thinks you like but a 15 month baby would give you always what the baby itself likes.

This means that at the age of 18 months babies learn that we don’t always want the same thing and they should do things to help other people get what they want.

Alison Gopnik: What do babies think?

Why are companies doing a poor job of serving women?

I read an interesting article about female consumers. Find the complete article here: Female Economy

Many brands fail to address the needs of female customers. When trying to do this they fall in the same mistake… make it pink, add some hearts, a little mirror etc….Cars are designed for speed and not for utility, which is what really matters to women. No SVU is build to accomodate a mother who needs to load two small children into it every day. Fitness clubs are many times designed for men, bright lights, electronic equipment, sweaty men and equipment for bodybuilders. Most of the tools out there (motors, medicine equipment etc) are designed for men as well.

What is the reason of this? is the glass ceiling stopping brands to address women needs?

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Masdar city of the Future: Sustainable, zero-waste and car-free, will this dream come true?

I recently watched the BBC Human Planet documentary. If you have not watch those yet, please do 😉

On of the things that I was not aware of, was the building of the Masdar city (, which aspires to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world, with approximately 6km2 . Masdar City is an emerging global clean-technology cluster that places its resident companies in the heart of the global renewable energy and cleantech industry. You will Masdar City at 17km from Abu Dhabi, Masdar City. The capacity is for  40,000 residents and hundreds of businesses, and it will integrate the full range of renewable energy and sustainability technologies, across a living and working community. As with most dynamic technology clusters, the city has a top-notch research university that is a source for innovation, technologies, R&D and highly skilled graduates.

Masdar city

A Governance model for Innovation

They way we think about innovation has changed and the ways we had to govern it as well. Today many companies ask (or should ask) themselves if they are on the right path.

Some trigger questions you may ask yourself are:

  • What are the biggest challenges your company faces when bringing innovation to the market? is it getting the internal processes aligned to get it launched or is it developing and launching it?
  •  How is innovation done? own employees? suppliers? customer? partners? buying in?
  • Do you innovate in new products? services? channels to market? customer experiences? business processes? business models? or none?
  • Does your company have innovation goals?
  • How does your organization motivate to innovate? roles and responsibilities? incentives?
  • What is your company´s culture promoting in terms of innovation? does it promote the use of pilots to evaluate? is there fear for failure?

How to align goals, allocate resources and assign authority for innovation across the company ? through implementing a good innovation governance that suits your business and your company.

Innovation governance is a system of mechanisms to align goals, allocate resources and assign decision-making authority for innovation, across the company and with external parties. 

Lego is still one of the best cases on how to do this. Five year ago the LEGO group was near bankruptcy, today as the overall toy market declines LEGO´s revenues and profits are climbing. Central to LEGO´s turnaround is a new structure for strategically coordinating innovation activities.

Read more about it here:


KCRW Friends Eclectic Los Angeles

Recently I discovered a new music channel that I would like to share with you:


KCRW’s music channel blends different talents and tastes of all of KCRW’s DJs into a single voice streaming 24 hours a day. Always on, no time slots – I just love it!

KCRW is a recognized tastemaker for new music from around the world, with trendsetting hosts such as Music Director Jason Bentley, who features live in-studio sessions and interviews with established and emerging artists on Morning Becomes Eclectic; indie and alternative rock with music supervisor Gary Calamar (Six Feet Under); nu-soul and funk with Garth Trinidad; Raul Campos features dance rhythms and Latin beats; Chris Douridas spotlights the latest singer-songwriters and music in all genres; and more.

KCRW has produced nine CDs, unique collections of live in-studio musical performances, including Sounds Eclectic: The Covers Project which features cover songs by a wide array of artists. “KCRW Presents” and “ Presents” promote live performances by bands the station champions in Southern California, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C.

KCRW, a community service of Santa Monica College, is Southern California’s leading National Public Radio affiliate, featuring an eclectic mix of music, news, information and cultural programming. The station boasts one of the nation’s largest arrays of locally- produced, nationally-distributed talk program content. extends the station’s profile globally, with three streams featuring web-exclusive content: all music, all news and the live station simulcast, as well as an extensive list of podcasts. The non-commercial broadcast signal reaches 550,000 listeners weekly and is supported by 55,000 member/subscribers.

For all of you mobile users…. yes !!! they have some nice apps that you can use:


Listen Live – The KCRW Radio app streams all three KCRW channels – On Air, Music and News. Music shows include real-time track lists for each show with the ability to purchase from iTunes.

Listen On Demand – The KCRW Radio app also offers KCRW’s Music, News and Talk programs for on-demand listening. On Demand content is updated with new shows daily and weekly, depending on the schedule for each program.

Be Tuned-In with Events – Events feature information on the latest music, news and arts happenings around town. Listings contain date, venue and time information and are updated weekly.

iPhone: Download
Android (follow this link on your device): Download

Have some fun!