Boxnet and Mobile apps

Technology is reaching a point in which users and customers feel that almost everything is possible and that everything can be done almost for free and fast ;).

I am of course exaggerating, but it not uncommon that a customer comes with a high level description of an app he/she wants with all the features he knows from the web world and wants it asap (3 weeks 6 weeks?… hmmm) and hooooo surprise surprise sometimes they may not even have a backend… but well you do IT stuff, right? so do it as well…. 3 weeks…uh! we really need to be live by ….

While we have already learned that building an app without a back-end is painful process for all parties involved… back-end, front-end, customer etc… What we usually do, is first do the back-end, and after that is tested and finished start building the front end. Depending on the triviality we may overlap the last weeks of work, but we prefer not to.

Months ago, while I was trying to please one of our customers, I discovered how handy it can be to use boxnet as a “back-end”. Many of our customers want a dynamic backend system that allows them to upload different type of files, building that cheap and fast is usually not possible.

Boxnet has its own mobile apps, and they are very handy as document repository apps, but many of our customers want a fully customized experience when it comes to B2C apps or B2B apps (sales support apps, distributor apps etc…). Building an app using the APIs of Boxnet allows us to create a graphical experience fully integrated with the main objective of the app and the brand.

The advantage of using a tool like this is that you save the time to build a custom backend, and that you can start right away with building the app. The other avantage is that the interface to upload the documents is just great, it looks nice, it is easy to use and has all functionalities that the customer could wish.

If you are curious you can check here some of the APIs available for mobile: