Masdar city of the Future: Sustainable, zero-waste and car-free, will this dream come true?

I recently watched the BBC Human Planet¬†documentary. If you have not watch those yet, please do ūüėȬ†

On of the things that I was not aware of, was the building of the Masdar city (, which aspires to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world, with approximately 6km2 . Masdar City is an emerging global clean-technology cluster that places its resident companies in the heart of the global renewable energy and cleantech industry. You will Masdar City at 17km from Abu Dhabi, Masdar City. The capacity is for  40,000 residents and hundreds of businesses, and it will integrate the full range of renewable energy and sustainability technologies, across a living and working community. As with most dynamic technology clusters, the city has a top-notch research university that is a source for innovation, technologies, R&D and highly skilled graduates.

Masdar city


Benefits from working from home

Partly because of environmental concerns, some corporations encourage employees to work from home. This leads to:

  • reductions in travel time
  • travel costs
  • energy use
  • higher¬†employee¬†satisfaction
  • optimization of office space, if flex desks are created (flex desks are desk environments created so that any employee can work there with a minimum set up time, that means that you create an environments where none has his/her own desk. Tables and chairs¬†should¬†be easily adjustable, power supply should be easy to reach, telefones should¬†allow¬†log in etc…)
  • lower health insurance costs (this is due to the decrease of “illness” % )
  • lower costs for workers
  • lower child care expenses

Studies say that productivity rises by 10% to 20% when people telecommute up to 3 days a week.

Some Cases:

  • From IBM 320,000 employees, 25% telecommute, which leads to an anual savings of 700$ million in real estate costs alone.
  • AT&T estimates that it saves 550$ million¬†annually¬†as a result of telecommuting.
  • MCKesson reported the highest job satisfaction in 2007, 1000 nurses worked from home. (telenursing)