Why talk if you can text!


We all are using more and more data on our mobile phones! and that is a fact! and so far the effective cost per MB decreasing, but I not sure if the total amount we spend on data per month is lower as well, I would guess that it is not.

In any case women as heavy users of mobile and social media are the ones texting the most, and it is very clear that teens just can’t live without texting.

Why is texting so cool and practical? Because:

  • You send the message when you need to
  • Receiver can read it when they can
  • You can have multiple conversations at the same time easier that with voice
  • Texting is more discrete as people around you don’t hear you; the sender chooses who can see it
  • It is easier to share the text with more people than share a voice conversation and therefore it can be more social
See below how different ages use data as well as how all of them are using more!



US’ digital behavior


The infographic below reflects part of the US’ digital behavior. Some of the relevant points you will find in it are:

  • Still people like to spend their time on social media, blogs, games and email
  • Everyone ! is active on social networks, people under 17 and above 65 a bit less but not that much
  • People love Facebook and women love to share in it
  • Teens love Myspace
  • Apps that they love are games, weather and social media
  • People under 17 do use Linkedin as well
  • More women watch video on social networks, but men watch longer